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Winter 1-3-2022

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the Information Communication Technology competencies among distance learners. Structured questionnaire was prepared and administered to the various disciplines, namely the Social Sciences, Science/Technology, and Commerce/Management. 1650 questionnaires were distributed and 1435 completely filled questionnaires were received obtaining a response rate of 87.0 %.It was found that, 1377 majority (95.9%) of the respondents use the Smart Phone,because it has maximum mobility and convenience, 1244(86.7%) of them opined ICT facilitate Communicating with many simultaneously, Quick Response with 1090(76.0%) response, Time saving with 1064 (74.1%) response, Learning from others contribution with 960(66.9%) response. majority 1086(75.7%)users ‘Strongly agree’ with the statement ‘ICT devices enable us to get a greater amount of study materials.