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Business information has become a critical factor for the growth and success of small-scale business enterprises, the library as an institution responsible for information resources, sources and services to users, has indeed, become an indispensible partner in this national socio-economic growth and development drive. More typical however, is the public library because it is the only library that is open to every member of the public (SMEs owners inclusive) irrespective of background, age, status, race or creed. This paper therefore, discusses and provides useful insight on the application of Wilson’s theory of Information seeking behavioural to public library as a sources of business information for SMEs in Nigeria. In a recent survey of major international research databases such as Scopus, Ebscohost and Web of Science, it was observed that there is a gap in knowledge as related to Wilson’s theory of information seeking behavioural in the study related to business information and SMEs development particularly in the context of Nigeria. The present study explores the Wilson’s theory of information seeking behavioural to Public library as a source of business information for SMEs in Nigeria through a literature review, the paper provides a conceptual background of public libraries and small and medium enterprises and the need for business information for SMS particularly through the public libraries.

The paper contributes to knowledge in the following ways for policy formulations, and as a reference material for researchers.

Keywords: Library, Public library, Small-scale enterprises, Theories, Development