Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Violence is an antisocial behaviour which is intended to hurt and inflict pain on victims. This study therefore empirically investigated the librarians’ perception of violence on the student librarians. The study employed descriptive survey design while the study was guided by five research questions based on the objectives of the study as well as one null hypothesis. The sampled population for the study was 132 librarians made up of 97 male and 36 female whereas, the primary instrument used to obtain data was a 34-item librarian perception of violence on the student-librarian questionnaire developed by the researcher. The data collected were analyzed using mean scores, standard deviation while student t-test was used to test the formulated null hypothesis. The outcome of the study reveals that librarians have adequate perception of the nature and manifestation of violence on the student librarian. On the other hand, the librarians’ perception of violence on the student-librarian was restricted to physical and not psychological violation on the student-librarian’s right. The study also discovered the need to define violence on the student-librarian as to embrace any violation of the student’s right that may impede the health, total development and academic performance of the student. It is against these backdrops and more that recommendations were made which include that training programmes and workshops should be organized for librarians to address psychological conceptions of violence on the student-librarian.