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Winter 1-12-2022


The paper is based on the bibliometric analysis of 44 issues of Annals of Library and Information Studies published during 2011 to 2021. Each issue published 9.74% research output by and large. Of the total 344 were retrieved from 44 issues of Four volumes with an average of 46.15 from Annals library journal in the period 2011-2021, in which year 2014 has got the highest number of publications i.e, 45 with an average article of 11.2 per issue India 263, Nigeria stands next with 24 contributions and Sri Lanka 15 contributors, Bangladesh with 09 contributions, Iran 07 contributions, South Africa 04, followed by USA (03), Brazil (02), Canada (02), and other Counties 26.contributionsB. K Sen (19) contributed the highest number of publications in Annals Journal library. the year 2014 has recorded highest citations 269 , Council of Scientific and Industrial top rank contributor 31 publication and 9.01 % contribuations