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This work examined the extent of information literacy skills of polytechnic students as regards to their information utilization on their academic work in southeast Nigeria .Three research questions guided the study. Descriptive survey design was adopted for the study with the population of 398 from four polytechnics institutions in southeast Nigeria. Structured questionnaire was the instrument used for data collection and reliability of the study was established using conbach Alpha. Data collected was analyzed using arithmetic mean. From the analysis, a grand mean score of the extent students possess in information literacy skill points to the fact that students possess these skills to a low extent. And the analysis of 2.02 grand mean on challenges depicts that the students actually encounter much challenges which include computer incompetency on the part of students and librarians, few credit courses assigned to information literacy in their schools, poor cordial relationship between librarians and faculty members, erratic power supply among others. Based on the findings, this study therefore recommends the use seminars and workshops should be organized for students on information literacy skills, polytechnics students’ curriculum should be reviewed to reflect computer literacy and finally alternative to power should be provided to aid information access and utilization.