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Knowledge sharing among library personnel can be an effective strategy for information service delivery in university libraries. The main objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between knowledge sharing and information service delivery by library personnel in south west, Nigeria. Descriptive research design of correlational type and a total of 193 library personnel were used for the study. While total enumeration technique was adopted, questionnaire was used as the instrument of data collection. Data was analyzed with descriptive statistics such as frequencies and percentages. Results showed that most 101 (53.7%) of the respondents Disagreed sharing knowledge on cataloguing and classification with colleagues and very few 25 (13.3%) Strongly Agreed. Some ( 2.68) admitted that they find it difficult to share their colleagues’ experience. Knowledge sharing methods by majority of the respondents were face to face interaction (78.2%), during departmental meeting (72.3%) and e-mail (68.1%). Knowledge sharing (r = .561; p The study concluded that Knowledge sharing among library personnel remains an effective strategy for information service delivery and recommended that library personnel should not hesitate to share knowledge with their colleagues as it will go a long way to enhance service delivery.