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Winter 2-11-2022


This paper is a literature review on effects of internet use on students’ academic performance. Assessing to factors that affect students’ use of the internet is the main objective of this research. The paper additionally aims to find out the various activities that students use the internet to do and assess the various technologies students use to access the internet. Several articles were reviewed by the researcher. Articles reviewed were all on factors influencing students’ use of the internet. Out of the twelve articles, nine of them looked at the functions of the internet of students activities whiles fourteen articles was also based on the technology students use to access the internet. The inclusion criteria focused only articles relating tertiary education. The internet has a vital impact on student academic outcomes as it helps students to access journals and articles which otherwise are not made available in the libraries. The study concluded that increase in internet use was very useful in the improvement of the learning outcomes. The study also found the negative impacts of internet use which leads to distraction as time is spent on social media instead on studies. Therefore, it is proposed that University authorities should provide guidelines to help students overcome some of the challenges faced when using the internet.