Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Summer 2-17-2022


This paper discusses utilization of library and information resources and its importance in research process. It views research as a systematic painstaking investigation of a topic or in a field of study often employing technique of hypotheses and experimentation, undertaken by a person intent on revealing new facts, theories or principles or determining skill and identification of research problems which is connected to the level of library and information resources usage and hence determines the productivity or output of researchers. It discusses library and information resources as resources that include all forms of information carriers that can be used to promote and encourage effective research activities and developmental projects including books, journals, periodicals, audio-visual etc. Impediments to the full utilization of library and information resources are highlighted. They include lack of adequate current or relevant materials, non-involvement of lecturers in book selection, lack of adequate professional library staff, lecturers’ lack of awareness of new arrivals among others. The study concludes by recommending acquisition of current and relevant information sources particularly books and journals, well qualified, experienced and adequate professional and Para-professional library staff should be employed by the university, approval of more funds for university library, research productivity should be encouraged with adequate funding in form of grants to lecturers/researchers in respective of their level and rank, lecturers promotion and entitlements should not be delayed, and Libraries and Librarians should embark on awareness and information literacy programs in order to improve on library patronage.