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Spring 3-8-2022

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Today's librarianship is in the information era, when information is increasingly valued as an economic resource, a commercial commodity, and a source of societal prosperity, thus making the function of librarians very important and inevitable. An ideal Librarian will need to be a facilitator, advisor, consultant, educator, navigator, seeker, researcher, evaluator, organizer, preserver, promoter, communicator, technical expert, manager, leader, entrepreneur, and visionary, among other things. Obviously, the emergence of Information and Communication Technology has birth new frontiers as well as challenges with influences cutting across all areas of human activities and librarianship as a profession and discipline are not left out. Thus making the place of library as information provider threatened, therefore, the need for justification of its existence and relevance. This paper discussed the place of SDI, National Bibliography and the urgent need for institution curriculum review if librarian relevance will be achieved in the Nigerian context. SDI as a reference service is domiciled in the academics but its tentacles could be extended outside to the political circles and economic stakeholders as well as organizations. An online and regular updated version of National bibliography should be produced as it will enhance free and boundless access, more so, it will create a sense of national recognition for authors and access to recently published materials for librarians. Curriculum should be upgraded to include emerging trends as the current one only contains the rudiments of information and Communication Technology. Relevance of libraries and librarianship as a whole in this present dispensation is not possible without embracing emerging technologies.