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The assessment of highly cited papers published in a single journal is an important parameter to appraise the research. The present study aims to analyze the attributes of 100 highly cited papers published in The Journal of Academic Librarianship (JAL). The data of targeted papers was obtained from the Web of Science database on the 2nd Week of February 2022. The highly cited papers were published between 1983 to 2016 and these papers were cited 6,289 times with an average of 628.9 citations per paper. The highest number of cited papers were published in 2008 and the papers published in 2006 gained the highest number of citations. Slightly more than half of the papers were written by a single author pattern but the multi-author pattern papers yielded the higher citation impact. The authors belonged to 18 countries that contributed to the highly cited papers but the maximum number of papers (75%) were contributed by the United States. The keyword analysis was performed to assert the preferred area of research. The findings of the current study help to identify the trends of influential research published in JAL over the last four decades.