Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Winter 5-17-2022


The main objective of the study is to determine the user satisfaction with the library. Although questionnaires were provided to users when the researcher took 0.15 % of the entire respondent population= 35392= 52 around 0.15 sampled. However, fifty two (52) copies of the questionnaires were given to the respondents where fifty (50) copies were retrieved and analyzed, representing 96.15 %. The findings show the existing information resources available. In the Agriculture University Library the challenges User such as internet access, power failure, employee attitudes. To resolve these limitations insufficient numbers of library workers should be filled in, which meant that information resources will be arranged and readily accessible. The jobs of LIS professionals will help users access and use agricultural information tools, repackage and disseminate agricultural information to them. These findings suggest the need to formalize and improve relations between users and library staff in order to increase access to agricultural information and to formulate policies and regulatory structures for gender response. It is important to have policies that encourage inter-library loans, collaboration and knowledge sharing between Agriculture University Libraries and libraries of research institutes.