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Spring 5-16-2022

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Generally, African University libraries can be said to be among the late adopters of ILS technologies in their service range. As of 2022, Makerere University Library is in the initial stages of migrating from Virtua ILS to Koha ILS. Yet adopting ILS is an expensive and time consuming endeavour. Therefore, there is a need for strategic “useful” deployment of ILS in any academic library.

Objective: This paper attempted to assess the strategic alignment of the Integrated Library Systems (ILS) in Makerere University Library to achieve strategic fit within the corporate environment of the University and achieve the institutional strategy.

Methodology: The was conducted using a qualitative research paradigm. In adopting the qualitative research paradigm, two approaches of this study were used; that is literature survey and case study design. Data was collected using the interview method and the observation method.

Findings and conclusion: There are noticeable mixed fortunes in Makerere University Library when it comes to the establishment of ILS. Almost all the technologies required and that have so far been implemented are imported and are quite expensive. Despite this, evidence exists that there is active investment in the University Library as it marches towards the attainment of its strategy. Perhaps ILS in the Makerere University Library and the University as a whole can only be described as a work in progress.