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Fall 6-2022

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This study investigated the information-seekingbehaviourof visually impaired students using Wilson’s model of information behaviour in Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo, with a focus on assessing information needs, adequacy, and satisfaction of the visually impaired students. The study established that the information needs of visually impaired students include educational opportunities, information on personal development, the procedure for performing skills, and information on housekeeping and households. It was also established that preference for Braille has been on the decline in favour of talking book/audio recordings among the young in many countries. Visually impaired users' preference includes e-newspaper and magazine, e-book, interpersonal information sources, audio information material, internet resources, etc. Poor attitude of library staff to visually impaired, the little number of documents in Braille/audio, lack of computer with screen reader software, difficulty in listening to materials which were transcribed from print to audio form were some of the challenges faced by visually impaired students in using the library.