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The development of civilization in the 21st century requires a different perspective in education. The rapid development of technology and information cannot be anticipated by blocking its use in the world of education. A lot of knowledge and knowledge is easily conveyed through technology media whose development is difficult to contain. The development of civilization must be a challenge for educators to prepare superior resources and become winners in global competition. Improvement and implementation of the 2013 Curriculum at the primary and secondary education levels is carried out in order to equip students with competencies that they can live life in the 21st Century. In this era, Human Resources are needed who have the ability in the realm of attitudes, knowledge, and skills in general, holistic. The purpose of this study is the urgency of information literacy to identify and obtain information about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the learning process and implementation of curriculum 13. This study uses the descriptive content analysis study method and literature study which is an analysis that aims to describe the main content based on a collection of information obtained The information in question comes from various scientific articles related to the implementation of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. The scientific articles in question are articles obtained from reputable national journals and international journals indexed by Scopus. The data and information that have been obtained are then collected, analyzed, and concluded so as to obtain recommendations as a literature study. The results of this study are that there are several problems experienced by students, teachers, and parents in online teaching and learning activities such as lack of mastery of technology, the existence of additional work for parents in accompanying their children to study, communication and socialization between students are declining. , there is less interaction between teachers and parents and unlimited working hours for teachers because they have to communicate and coordinate with parents, other teachers, and school principals all the time.