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Spring 6-6-2022

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Librarians across Nigeria are gradually more concerned with the safety and physical integrity of important intellectual property or properties. Security and prevention of crimes in libraries more specifically academic libraries are necessary library duties for librarians to accomplish. Due to security breaches in university libraries, users at times are not able to get the information resources needed and this makes the library ineffective in satisfying users’ information needs. The security of collections in a library embraces a large number of responsibilities. The cost of acquiring processing, and maintaining collections are soaring. If information materials are stolen or damaged or mutilated, can be difficult, if not impossible, to replace. The common threats in all the libraries most especially academic libraries in Nigeria include book theft, mutilation of library materials, and non-return of borrowed information resources, it was found that the major cause of security problems was the high cost of books and periodicals, it is also found that the major source of loss in the academic library was stealing the library materials. Finally, it was discovered that the highest measure taken to reduce loss was to employ qualified security staff. This article, therefore, highlights Concepts of security problems, Security problems of academic libraries, Library building decisions, and security problems, Loss through theft of book and periodicals, Mutilation of books and periodicals, Reasons for mutilation, Problems caused by book theft, mutilation, and vandalism, Measures to safeguard library materials, Summary, and recommendations