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Winter 6-2022


Cloud Computing Application for accessing E-resources by University Librarians: Case Study of University Librarians in Niger Delta Region. Abstract This study investigated cloud computing applications for accessing e-resources by Librarians in university libraries in Niger Delta Region, Nigeria. In this study, the descriptive research design was adopted, and 43 items self-structured questionnaire was used to collect data. In the selection of the university libraries, the researcher used the stratified random sampling technique to select the university libraries. One hundred and fifty (150) librarians from the nine (9) the Niger Delta States were selected from three (3) centrally located states which include Delta, Bayelsa, and Edo as the target population was four hundred and thirty-two (432) librarians. Data collected were analyzed using frequency tables and percentages. The findings discovered that librarians in university libraries in Niger Delta use applications of cloud computing. Regarding librarians’ response to the question of librarians’ cloud computing applications, the majority of librarians agreed that they use cloud computing applications to access, store and share e-resources. In addition, a strong recommendation was made that Institutions and governments should provide internet and, facilities for effective and efficient cloud computing applications in accessing e-resources.