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Winter 6-14-2022

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This paper investigate the availability, accessibility of electronic resources and services and the extent to which these resources were being used by staff of Nigerian Defence Academy. The objectives of this paper were to find out types of electronic resources and services available, accessed and utilized by staff of Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna, to find out how users access and utilize these resources, to find out the purpose of accessing and utilizing these available resources, also to find out the problems that hinder these use of these resources. A survey research method was used to conduct this study and the instruments used for gathering data was questionnaires. The population of the study was the academic and no academic staff of the institution. A simple random sampling was used to draw a sample size of 326 from the institution. Responses from the questionnaires were analyzed using descriptive statistic. The findings showed that the institution had the following e-resources – computers, VCD/DVDs, Internet access, full text articles, online databases, e-journals, e-books, CD-ROMs, and flash drives. They also used the following electronic services; E-mails, online references, electronic alerts. It is therefore recommended that government should provide adequate funds for the provision of electronic resources and services to enhance teaching, learning, research and training.