Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The purpose of the study was to determine the impact of library consortia on resource sharing in academic libraries in Kenya with reference to the University of Nairobi library. The study also sought to propose a framework to enhance resource sharing in academic libraries and employed a descriptive case study design using both qualitative and quantitative approaches to collect and analyse data. The study found out that library consortium model was the dominant method of resource sharing which greatly influenced resource sharing activities. The consortium (KLISC) was shown to be very significant in ensuring wider access to shared information resources, institutional repository development and capacity development for resource sharing. However, resource sharing was shown to be limited to the provision of collectively acquired information resources, with limited emphasis information exchange and inter-library integration. It was recommended that comprehensive standards be adopted to improve prospects of system integration and increased efforts made to improve the proportion of local content in shared information resources. The prioritisation of local content in the development of shared resources was also recommended and a framework for resource sharing was proposed to help tackle identified gaps in existing policies and frameworks.