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This study assessed the conservation and preservation of information resources for improved service delivery in Francis Idachaba Library, Joseph Sarwuan Tarka University, Makurdi The design of the study was descriptive research design. Three specific objectives and three corresponding research questions guided the study. The target population for the study was 150 library staff from the library under study. The entire population was used for the study. Questionnaire was used as instrument for data collection. Frequency counts and percentages were used to answer the research questions. The findings of the study revealed the type of information resources conserved, types of deterioration of information resources and the methods of conservation of information resources. Based on the findings, it was recommended that professionally trained conservators should be recruited. Training and retraining of library staff should be encouraged. Such training programmes should include environmental control, storage, housing and handling of information resources and a well-equipped binding section with trained staff should be established to take care of all preservation and conservation issues.