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Winter 1-17-2023

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This study aims to examine the effectiveness of disaster communication media in improving disaster mitigation literacy for the community in Pengaron District, Banjar Regency. This study is a quantitative research and uses an experimental type. Data collection techniques used pre-test and post-test questionnaires, observation and documentation. Respondents in this study were people who were affected by floods in January 2022 in Pengaron, Banjar Regency. Supporting informants are BNPB as an institution involved in flood disaster management.

The sample in this study amounted to 20 people for the experimental group and 20 people for the control group with data analysis techniques Paired sample t-test using the SPSS application. 22.00.

There was a significant difference between the control group and the experimental group who listened to the intervention media, especially on indicators of scientific and non-scientific knowledge, evidence of disaster interpretation and knowledge to explain disaster context. Meanwhile, on critical and evaluative indicators, assessing disaster conditions, and interpreting disasters, there is no significant difference between the control group without media intervention and the experimental group with media intervention in the Pengaron village community.