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Summer 3-1-2023


The paper overtly and comprehensively presents the awareness of Plagiarism among Post Graduate Students and Research Scholars of two prominent universities viz. Jawaharlal Nehru University and University of Delhi, Delhi. The study employed the survey research methodology and a structured questionnaire was designed keeping in view the stated objectives and was distributed questionnaires among the users in each library and got a total of 296 responses from both library users. The findings of the study revealed that the level of awareness about plagiarism and related aspects among users of Jawaharlal Nehru University is very high in comparison to the University of Delhi. The findings tangibly reflects that 99% users of JNU and 97% of DU are well aware about plagiarism, 157(53.10%) users' of both universities admitted that less/no knowledge of using source properly is the main reason for plagiarism and lastly 109(24%) users' of JNU and 103(68%) of DU are also well aware about plagiarism detection software.