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Summer 1-25-2023

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This study aimed at identifying and recommending appropriate alerting services to promote awareness and uptake of open access resources in higher learning institutions such as the University of Zambia. It identifies itself with the pragmatic paradigm; using the mixed-methods approach and a case study mixed-methods design to investigate the problem of low uptake of open access resources and how alerting services can improve the uptake. The study further applied the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology to provide the context for examining and explaining open access usage and promotion.

The study used University of Zambia students, researchers and librarians as informants. The results reveal low usage of open access as well as alerting services in the University. To improve the uptake, the researchers suggest the use of various social media tools, vendor and Google email alerts, mobile phone sms, customised website, flashcards on Moodle and astria, SDIs and peer-to-peer sensitisations.