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Indian Research Information Network System (IRINS) is a research information management system that provides details of publications and citations by researchers in academic and research institutes in India. It is an undisputed fact that the productivity of researchers is not uniform within and beyond institutions. A quantitative study was formulated to compare the productivity of researchers within and between categories of central university, state university, deemed university, private university, and college. The coefficient of variation (C.V.) and coefficient of range (C.R.) was measured to know about dispersions among data of publications, patents, Scopus citations, and Crossref citations. It was found that central universities and state universities have a higher number of publications and citations whereas colleges have less number of the same. Private universities have less number of publications, however better than colleges in case of citations. Deemed universities have the highest dispersion within the group. It is suggested to increase subscriptions of quality resources in the colleges and private universities and upgrade library services to enhance the quality and quantity of publications by researchers there.

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