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School libraries have been seen as parts of the most effective ways of renewing education because of their roles in transforming changes in children’s reading abilities in which girls and boys everywhere are meant to learn how to read and write. As such, one of the significant purposes of the school library is to aid students develop love for reading, and to promote reading culture among its users. This implies the need to create the awareness of information resources, the need to read not only textbooks, but also to engage in creative, leisurely, and pleasurable reading. However, the paper discussed the challenges and proffered solutions to the challenges inhibiting the roles of school library in the education of Nigerian Child in Africa. The work concluded that the school media resource centre plays a major role in facilitating the teaching and learning of reading through the use of school library resources and irrespective of location, school media resource centre remains an integral part of the school system and a fundamental impetus to effective teaching. Therefore, government of Nigeria and other African countries and every school should endeavour to establish school media resource centre or expand the existing school library to accommodate multimedia resources for adequate learning of the African Child