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Summer 4-24-2023

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More than seventy online studies were reviewed to identify awareness, usage, satisfaction, and challenges of using information resources and services in academic libraries by users. The main objective of this study is to review the literature on information resources and services regarding awareness, usage, impact, challenges, satisfaction levels of users of various academic libraries. The study includes research papers published in national and international journals and other sources available on the internet. A review of various studies revealed that users use library resources and services for various purposes. Studies reveal that most users are satisfied with print resources, but they face problems while accessing online resources due to lack of skills to use these resources. Most students today rely on online resources, but a lack of training prevents them from getting the information they need. Most of the studies have suggested that the library should play an important role in providing information literacy program and user studies at regular intervals in their institutions to provide better library and information services to the users.