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Spring 4-24-2023

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The focus of this paper is to examine the roles of library in promoting Reading Habits among students. The paper saw the library as a social service oriented institution aimed at encouraging students to cultivate reading habits. It looked at library as learning environments that provide space, access to resources, activities and services to encourage and support students, teachers, and community learning. The paper also explained the concept of reading and that reading provides the information needed to expand our understanding of thing. The paper defined reading habits as a passion and zeal for reading and outlined its importance to improve the students’ comprehension skills, vocabulary, pronunciation, speed, knowledge, and lifelong learning. Indeed good reading habits promote self education which helps in the modification of personality. The paper further recognized the vital roles of parents, teachers, and librarians among others that enable students to embark on reading and developing good reading habits. It also pointed out that libraries should organize programmes, exhibitions, storytelling and so forth and use them to inculcate reading habit on the students. This paper revealed that the cause of poor reading habits are lack of functional library, family background, corruption, lack of interest, teachers failures among other things. The paper equally pointed out some strategies for improving reading habits that library should be established and maintained in schools and localities, library should organise progrmmes leading to inculcating reading habit on the students.