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This research paper examines the Information Visualization in Library and Information Science: Exploring Principles, Types, and Tools for Effective Data Communication. The paper provides a historical overview of information visualization, including its evolution, milestones, and key figures. It also explores different types of information visualization, including data visualization, scientific visualization, information design, visual analytics, infographics, and geospatial visualization. The paper then discusses the principles of information visualization, including visual perception, cognitive load, design principles, interaction principles, and usability principles. It also reviews different data visualization tools, such as web-based visualization tools, open-source visualization tools, and commercial visualization tools, and emerging technologies in information visualization. Additionally, the paper highlights challenges and opportunities in information visualization research, such as data quality and reliability, user-cantered design, ethical considerations, interdisciplinary collaboration, and emerging trends. Finally, the paper provides a summary of findings, implications for LIS practice, recommendations for future research, and a conclusion.