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The deployment of technological innovation in libraries has been one of the underlying motivations for the application of Information Communication Technology (ICT) on job performance in dissemination of information in judiciary special library. ICT helps to improve the special library service to the users to which the library is of help to. The purpose of the study is to determine types of available ICT, to ascertain ICT services, to evaluate the impact of ICT on job performance in Niger State Judiciary Library. Descriptive method of research design was used to gather data from eighteen (18) respondents comprising paraprofessional and library professionals from Niger State Judiciary Library Minna. The research questions was used to collect data from the respondent and the data collected were analyzed using mean and standard deviation, while the demographic data were analyzed using percentage and frequency. The findings revealed that there more ICT facilities in the library with mean range of 2.56-4.00; the results also shows ICT services were rendered in the library with the mean range from 2.67-4.00, and response rate with mean range from 2.67 – 4.00 shows that ICT have more impact on the job performance of the librarian. The study recommended that the head of the organisation should seek fund from the government and other bodies to recruit skilled manpower and provide adequate staff training, the use of ICT has made record of library user accessible in a database, therefore the librarians should ensure optimum management on ICT facilities of the libraries, Library staffs should be trained professionally in ICT application, the Library should publicise ICT-based resources and services and the Library should establish ICT policies that are flexible to be implemented by the library users and staffs. The study concluded that without proper use of ICT applications on work performance to assist in disseminating information to users, the library will be unable to function effectively and efficiently and the low use of ICT to drive operations in the library would result in inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the library operations and job performance of the library in terms of dissemination of information to user.