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Spring 3-6-2021

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The study sought to determine Librarians’ information and communication strategies for solving restiveness among secondary school students in Enugu-North local government area of Enugu State. The study was borne out of the numerous cases of deviant behaviours among secondary school students in Enugu North, other part of the state and Nigeria at large. The study explored all the public secondary schools in Enugu North local government area of Enugu State. The study was guided with a research question. A descriptive survey was adopted for the study. The study was carried out in Enugu North Local Government Area of Enugu state, Nigeria. A population of 72 Librarians and 215 counsellors was used and simple sampling procedure was employed to select 145 respondents comprising 105 counsellors and 35 Librarians randomly selected from Enugu North Local Government Area. There are thirteen local government areas in Enugu State with over 1323 public secondary schools. Ten item questionnaire was used as the instrument for data collection. The instrument was face-validated by three experts, two in the field of Educational Administration and Planning, Department of Educational Foundation and one in Measurement and Evaluation all in the Faculty of Education University of Nigeria Nsukka. Cronbach Alpha reliability test was used to determine the internal consistency of the instrument. The instrument was administered on 20 respondents randomly selected from secondary schools in Nsukka local government area made up of 5 Librarians and 15 counsellors. This zone was selected because it shares some resemblance with Enugu North LGA. Their responses were used to determine the reliability co-efficient of the cluster. The overall reliability co-efficient of 0.91 was obtained suggesting that the internal consistency of the instrument was moderate. Mean and standard deviation were used to answer the research question. The finding showed that information and communication strategies are significantly important in solving restiveness among students of the study area.