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Winter 5-13-2023

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Blended learning is a learning system that combines both online and face to face learning. It has come with its advantages as well as its disadvantages thus resulting in either positive or negative attitudes of users. The study sets out to understand the attitude of postgraduate students towards blended learning and the factors that influences their attitude. The study adopted a survey method, it makes use of questionnaire for data gathering. Data was gathered from a population of 130 post graduate students in department of Information Management, Lead City University sampling a number of 97 using Krejce and Morgan table. 95 of the questionnaire which was I Google form was filled and analyzed using simple statistical table while the hypothesis was tested using multiple regression analysis via SPSS statistical software package. The study revealed positive attitude of postgraduates towards blended learning with 94.7% accepting that BL is beneficial and that it should be encouraged. Moreover, nearly nine in ten 89.5% concurred that BL is intriguing and engaging. 94.8% of the respondents agreed that the major challenge is network or internet connectivity issues. 84.2% of the respondents agreed that some topics are better treated in physical classes while 89.5% of the respondents making majority agreed that blended learning reduces the touch of human. The Null hypothesis that there is no joint significant influence of subjective norm, behavioural control and external factors on the attitude of post graduate students towards blended learning was rejected with at a significant level of (Adj.R2 =0.517, F(3,91) =34.595, p =0.000). The researcher recommends that Higher institution of learning should embrace Blended Learning as the two (face to face and online learning) can create a balanced learning experience.

Keywords: Blended Learning, Attitudes, Postgraduates, Online learning, E-learning, Learning Management System.

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