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The purpose of the research: The main purpose of this research is to develop scenarios for the future development of start-ups and new businesses in the field of the press according to the experts' point of view.

Research methodology: For this research, eight academic and senior press professionals were identified and interviewed. Interviews and content analysis were also used to collect survey data. A formative technique of scenario writing was used to analyze data and develop scenarios. Semi-structured interviews were used for data collection.

Important findings of the research: From the experts’ point of view, startups are facing many issues and problems to operate in this field, among which we can mention infrastructural issues, weakness of the industry, resistance to changes and lack of innovation. Also, positive and negative roles, factors affecting growth and formation obstacles, and future predictions were also investigated. Conclusion: Finally, according to the opinions of the experts, to explain the future of this field, three scenarios have been explained in case the infrastructure of their formation is prepared to show the future of this field to the relevant officials.