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Presented a paper at the International Conference on "Culture, Literature and Aesthetics" held at Sri Govidanguru University, Godhara (Gujarat, India) on 13th March 2023.


This survey is concerned with trying to measure the SWOT analysis of the role of libraries in the use of social media networking sites on health educational performance during the Covid-19 pandemic situation in medical colleges providing health education in Ahmedabad, for practical reasons, the SWOT analysis was conducted to collect data on that use. To conduct a SWOT analysis to find out the challenges regarding the use of social media networking sites in the context of libraries of social educational networking sites of medical academic libraries using Google form structured questionnaire and personal interview.

Keeping in mind the main approach of this case study, a SWOT analysis of the use of social media networking sites on the academic performance of library users of colleges of health sciences during the Covid-19 pandemic situation was conducted.

There will be a strategic plan to increase the use of social media and its benefits by evaluating the results of the SWOT analysis. The authors present the results of the study in the form of practical recommendations for short-term and long-term implementation. Future research will provide the most beneficial for libraries on social media and related strategies and may include follow-up studies in academic libraries using the SWOT Framework tool method. In addition, comparing the results of this study with similar studies in other libraries may form a model for other libraries that may attempt to increase their capacity and knowledge through the effective use of social media. The present study attempts to plan a strategy for libraries through SWOT analysis to establish a unique distinction that highlights their strengths and challenges.