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Summer 5-25-2023

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The library activities are always oriented towards offering the best possible resources and services to its users. From time to time, technological advancements have benefited them in accomplishing their objectives effectively. The internet of things (IoT) has recently been predicted to be a technology that will benefit librarians in their endeavours. The purpose of this article is to review selected scholarly papers on IoT applications in libraries in order to demonstrate the potential of IoT applications in library activities, particularly in the academic environment. The paper discusses several elements of IoT applications in libraries and cautions readers about possible consequences. The study is exploratory in nature, and national and international articles were culled from a variety of sources. Articles that recommended or advocated the use of IoT technology in libraries are included in the study. The study offers an in-depth analysis of IoT ­­­technologies for library use in five sections: introduction, concept of IoT, application of IoT in libraries, advantages and challenges in adopting IoT. Our review reveals that while several IoT applications have been developed for library usage, only a few libraries in western nations have implemented them, and the technology has not been extensively accepted, particularly in Indian libraries. Finally, concludes that, despite the cyber security concerns and hurdles, the introduction of IoT technology in libraries is critical for providing current services alongside traditional services to a vast mass of techno dexterous users at their chosen location.