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The study examined library security mechanisms as a predictor for combating book theft and vandalism among undergraduates in university libraries in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. The survey design was adopted in the study, the study population consisted 16,293 undergraduates from the University of Ibadan, Kola Daisi University and Lead City University. The systematic sampling with sampling fraction of 5% was used to select a sample of 353 undergraduates used in the study. The questionnaire was used for data collection and data collected were analysed using frequency counts, item analysis and Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation. The study revealed that the security mechanisms mostly adopted by university libraries are security check points at library entrance. (=3.31; std dev. =.759) and users are restricted entrance to some areas in the library (=3.20; std dev. =.783). Findings revealed that user education programmes increase users skills and attitude towards library use (=3.45; std dev. =.570) and it increases users awareness of the rules and regulations of the library (=3.43; std dev. =.705). Findings revealed that some of the common book theft and vandalism in university libraries were book tearing/mutilation (=3.09; std dev. =.864); non-return of books (=3.07; std dev. =830); and theft of library materials (=2.91; std dev. =.890). Some of the reasons given for book theft and vandalism among students in university libraries include: lack of anti-deviant act detectors (=2.99; std dev. =.834); large user population (=2.92; std dev. =.865); poor library operating system (=2.91; std dev. =.855); lack of library security (=2.88; std dev. =.944. =.873). it was concluded that the library must put in place security management devices and should adequately inform and educate its users to prevent theft and vandalism of its resources. It is therefore recommended that university libraries should adopt the use of Radio Frequency Devices (RFD) in books and book barcodes and include library use as a course to be studied and passed by undergraduates.

Keywords: University Library, Security Mechanisms, Theft and Vandalism, Undergraduates.