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The library profession is in a period of change. Moving from conventional library practices and services to the modern technology and tools based sources and services, created changes in the roles they play. To provide more and more innovative services and to cope with the changing scenario of the library and its services has forced library professionals to equip themselves with better skills for their survival. This paper discussed three requisite skills, for librarian to function in the 21st century, in marketing of library services and resources for optimal utilization. And these are categorized as Professional, Technical, & Personal skills. The paper discusses marketing library services and resources as a concept, benefits of marketing, such as boosting the level of Library’s patronage by users, promotion of resources; user awareness, improving the library’s reputation were mentioned. Strategies for marketing which include making a library website, emailing users, setting up exhibits and displays of new arrivals, using flyers and posters, planning user education, offering electronic access to information, and planning library week were also explained. Challenges in marketing library services and resources in academic libraries in Nigeria include; lack of fund, Ineffective marketing strategies, lack of marketing policies, shortage of experienced staffing, and infrastructure limitations. Starting with an introduction to library marketing and related literature, the paper draws its conclusion and recommendations were made such as professional development for librarians involved in library marketing, librarians upgrading their technical skills, librarians should enhance their ability to trouble shoot new technology, keep abreast with new technology among others.