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Spring 5-29-2023

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The study investigated health information provision and utilization as predictors of safe health practices of nursing mothers in Imo State. Four research purposes and four research questions guided the study. The researcher adopted descriptive design. The population of the study is 9735 nursing mothers in Okigwe Senatorial Zone, Imo State. Using proportionate sampling, 94 nursing mothers were selected from each of the six local government areas in Okigwe Zone, totaling 564. A researcher-made questionnaireInformation Provision and Utilization on Safe Health Practices of Nursing Mothers in Imo State Questionnaire” (IPAUOSHPONIMQ) was used as instrument for data collection. The reliability of the study was tested using Cronbach Alpha with 0.92 reliability coefficient. Descriptive statistics of mean with a criterion mean of 2.5was used to analyze data. Results showed that Types of health information provided for nursing mother include environmental cleanliness, body cleanliness practices, general baby care, maternal nutrition and breastfeeding. Sources of health information include social media, TV, family members, radio and postnatal clinics. Health journals and health workers are not accepted as nursing mothers’ sources of health information in Imo State. Child care, breastfeeding, hygiene practices, regular postnatal clinic and environmental cleanliness are the health needs for which nursing mothers seek health information. Adequate sleep/rest, avoidance of drug abuse, drinking enough water, good eating habit, avoidance of smoking/alcohol, maintenance of hygiene in the environment, regular visits for medical checkups and washing of breast/body before breastfeeding are the impacts of utilization of health information among nursing mothers in Imo State. it was recommended among others that Government should make health information available for nursing mothers in Imo State for their safe health practices through subsidized medicare, radio and TV jingles. Nursing mothers should consult professional health personnel for their health information through postnatal clinic.