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This paper explores the role of quality assurance in ensuring accessible services and resources in academic libraries in Nigeria. Accessible services and resources are essential for creating learning environments that cater to the diverse needs of all users. However, Nigerian academic libraries face several challenges in achieving this goal. This paper identifies common challenges, such as limited resources, lack of awareness, and technological barriers, which hinder the provision of accessible services. It also examines the consequences of inadequate accessibility measures, including limited access to information and exclusion of certain user groups. The research will also focus on quality assurance measures that are specific to accessibility. These measures may include ensuring physical accessibility by providing ramps, elevators, and accessible furniture, as well as investing in assistive technologies such as screen readers and magnifiers. Through a comprehensive analysis of the challenges, consequences, and strategies, this research aims to provide valuable insights for academic library administrators, policymakers, and stakeholders in Nigeria. By implementing effective quality assurance measures, Nigerian academic libraries can enhance their services and resources, thereby creating an inclusive and equitable learning environment for all users. Also, to address these challenges, the paper discusses strategies and best practices for implementing quality assurance in academic libraries. This includes institutional commitment, collaboration, staff training, and comprehensive accessibility policies. Moreover, specific quality assurance measures for accessibility are highlighted, such as ensuring physical accessibility and investing in assistive technologies. Collaborative efforts between stakeholders, including library administrators, staff, governing bodies, and disability service offices, are crucial for promoting accessibility and quality assurance. This paper provides insights into the importance of quality assurance in ensuring accessible services and resources and offers recommendations for future research and improvement in this area.

Keywords: Quality assurance, accessible services, accessible resources and academic libraries,.

Word count: 282