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Information is necessary for development and to make meaningful decisions, as such, students in the university need to have access to current, latest, and recent information; this can only be assured and ensured through the provision of internet connection within the university to students to access electronic resources scattered online. It is therefore believed that universities, as part of their functions, should provide internet service to students in the university to aid their academic activities. This study investigated the relationship between the availability of institutional internet connection and the use of electronic information resources by undergraduates using the descriptive survey research design and the questionnaire and interview as the data collection instruments. A total of 218 respondents were sampled using the stratified sampling method.

The study revealed that internet connection was available for undergraduates of the University of Ibadan at various designated points. The study also revealed that there are diverse electronic information resources available to undergraduates which include search engines, encyclopedias, databases/websites, electronic mail, newspapers, journals, and e-books. The study concluded that there is a relationship between the availability of internet connection and the use of electronic information resources.