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The academic library that failed to reskill members of its workforce might face consequences of automatic loss of patrons. Based on this, the study examined reskilling librarians as a panacea for bringing students back to the library. 191 academic and research librarians (ARL) on the telegram group platform as of February 14, 2023, formed the population. An Online questionnaire was prepared and sent to the ARLs’ on their group chat. 122 ARLs filled the questionnaire out of the 191 thus having a response rate of 63.9%. Descriptive statistics were used to analyse the data. The study revealed the need for librarians to go for reskilling. The findings showed that bringing students back to the library entails retraining librarians on 21st-century skills. The findings also revealed that the desertion of students from the library is caused by the attitudes of librarians, disorganization of the library, unawareness of the services and resources of the library, etc. This study recommends that academic library management and even the parent institution should not downplay on reskilling/retraining of librarians on different aspects of the library work.