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Human resources are a very important factor in the office administration and records management in company or government office. Performance in the archives and administration section is a unique function that requires high motivation to function as a managerial support in terms of providing archives, documents, and the production of manuscripts both in companies and in government. One important factor in human resources in the archives and music section is the influence of job discipline on performance. This study uses articles that identify the performance of administrative and archive employees in private and government companies. The results of the meta-analysis conducted on 30 research articles obtained a summary effect (average effect size) of 0.860, which means that there is a significant positive effect of increasing performance discipline on performance. Meanwhile, if the research is conducted by dividing the participants into two sections, namely private employees and civil servants, it is found that the summary effect value of private employees is greater than that of civil servants (0.933 and 0.761, respectively), which means that disciplining work can have a greater impact on performance in private company employees compared to government employees.