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Spring 7-10-2023


This study explores the importance of national unity in Nigeria and how it can lead to progress. Library professionals can play a key role in promoting diversity and inclusivity, which are essential for peaceful coexistence. National unity can be achieved through common goals, open communication, and collaboration. Access to timely and accurate information is also crucial in achieving social cohesion. The study highlights the responsibilities of LIS professionals in promoting national unity, such as ethical standards, financial information and vocational training, providing authorized sources of information, incorporating Indigenous knowledge into the curriculum, among other things. Collaboration between government agencies and other organizations is critical for promoting national unity. Nigeria needs to understand the significance of coming together despite cultural differences for progress through economic development or otherwise. Highlighting common goals enables people from different backgrounds to come together without feeling divided about other aspects of their identity. Adequate access to relevant information promotes transparency and equal representation across all facets of society - ultimately leading towards inclusivity which is a necessary component for any country's success regardless of its size or population demographics. This research identifies strategies that promote social cohesion amidst religious or tribal differences towards a common goal beneficial for all parties involved while cultivating values like respectfulness towards diversity that foster peaceful co-existence among fellow Nigerians ultimately leading to National Unity- a positive outcome for the country."