Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Libraries in Nigeria and other developing countries have constantly decried low patronage of library services due to several reasons. Wellspring University library is not an exception but the story seem to have changed as the library started experiencing increased patronage when the library was rebuilt after the old library building was engulfed in fire. This calls for an inquiry to determine the reasons for the sudden change in users’ attitude, thus, this study set out to find out whether library building aesthetics and functionality will help solve the problem of low patronage. The authors adopted a descriptive survey method using a Web-based questionnaire to collect data from a sample of 105 students, 15students each in 300 and 400level from the seven departments that used the old library and are now using the new library. The collected data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Results show that library building aesthetics and functionality will positively influence library patronage. It was therefore recommended that aesthetics facilities should be considered before building a library and the old library buildings should be renovated to include this. All necessary attention should also be given to the library building to ensure the functionality of the building.