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Evolution is one recurrent phenomenon that affects almost every facet of human endeavour. Libraries have had their own share in many ways. The green library concept, although, a relatively new-sprung initiative, have not been given full attention. The understanding of librarians, and the levels of adoption of the green library concept in Nigeria is reported herein. The descriptive survey approach was used. Results showed that librarians have the right perception about the concept, and have implemented or currently translating their policies, practices, and services in compliance with environmental sustainability objectives. However, much more needs to be done as the libraries also have not sufficiently engaged in climate change sensitization activities with patrons or their immediate community. The libraries do not collect rain water, recycle paper or reduce the use of plastics as stipulated. In implementing the initiative, low awareness, poor funding, lack of collaboration with environmental agencies among others have bedeviled their efforts. The establishment of a Nigerian Green Building Council (NGBC) for building standardisation with the support of the Nigerian Library Association is thus recommended for on-the-spot redesigning of already built antique libraries. It is also pertinent to begin inspiring green architectural projects especially for newly proposed library buildings.