Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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As the Covid-19 greatly affected the libraries, so too did the librarians' attempts to reach the library users through online and remote services. These emergency reforms have offered an unexpected opportunity to re-evaluate and re-imagine current service models in order to improve the library's user experience. This study looks into the awareness of online library services and the frequency of utilization of online resources among education students during the COVID 19 Pandemic. Descriptive in nature, the study utilized an online survey which was accomplished by 70 students of the College of Education. Findings revealed that respondents are fully aware of the online library services and they frequently utilize the library's online resources regardless of their gender, program, and year level. Findings also showed that the higher the level of respondents’ awareness on online library services, the more frequent they utilize the online resources. As a whole, the results imply that libraries need to ensure the sustainability of their online resources and services by providing user education and supporting the users to cope-up with the changing information environment so that optimum use of information resources becomes possible during and after the pandemic.