Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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This research has investigated the level of e-readiness in public sector university libraries located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa-Pakistan. The study aimed to assess the presence of human resources, electronic infrastructure, network services, and programs in these libraries. The target population consisted of twenty-seven public sector university libraries in the region. The research utilized a quantitative approach and employed a questionnaire-based survey to gather data from the librarians or individuals in charge of these libraries. The collected data were analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences version 22 (SPSS). The findings revealed that the respondents' satisfaction regarding their knowledge of libraries was low or moderate, as indicated by mean scores below 3. Similarly, the satisfaction levels concerning electronic infrastructure, network services, and programs, as well as the role of libraries in the digital world, were rated as average or below. Based on the results, the study recommended significant transformations in various aspects of public-sector university libraries. To achieve this, the government should allocate necessary resources and provide facilities to meet the informational and recreational needs of the population. Improvements are required in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure of these libraries, including the availability of computer equipment, databases, network servers, multimedia projectors, digital cameras, uninterruptible power supply, scanners, and backup devices such as hard discs and Digital Video Disc/compact Disc