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In today's digital era, there have been an ever increase in academic libraries embracing digital collections to provide access to a wealth of information to their users. However, the demerit of this digitization brings about the need to ensure the security of these valuable digital collections, especially in developing countries where cyber threats are rampant. This paper aims to address the challenges faced by academic libraries in developing countries with regards to best cybersecurity practices for securing digital collections. The paper also highlights the long-term benefits of prioritizing cyber security in academic libraries. Besides protecting valuable digital collections, robust cyber security practices enhance users trust, promote collaboration among institutions, and support academic research in a secure environment. This paper serves as a valuable resource for academic libraries in developing countries, as it offers guidelines and insights to enhance their cyber security practices. By adopting most of these best practices, libraries can safeguard their digital collections, mitigate cyber threats, and contribute to a secure and thriving academic environment.