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This study is on exploring the impact of library education in addressing library anxiety among first year students of Coal City University, Enugu, Nigeria. The study aims to ascertain the impact of library education in addressing library anxiety. Four specific objectives and four research questions were formulated to guide this study. A total of two hundred and twenty- eight (228) year one students formed the population of the study. These are the students who had library education for the year 2022/2023 academic year. Questionnaire was used as the instrument for data collection. Data collected were analysed in line with the research questions using frequency and percentage and presented in charts. The research findings revealed that library anxiety affect the way students use the library, however, disturbances and noise inside the library, size and space of the library, unfamiliarity of the library arrangement, crowding of the library, attitude of staff and poor ventilation in the library contribute less to library anxiety among first year in Coal City University Enugu. The students are aware of library education programmes such as use of library course and they participate in the use of library course. The library education has really played key role in ensuring that there is no form of library anxiety among the Coal City University freshmen and that they use the library effectively and efficiently. Based on the findings, it was recommended that the library management should create avenues to always encourage the library users so as to ensure that they are not hindered from using the library due to anxiety especially the freshmen.; that while delivering library education, there shouldn't be any assumption that the students are already familiar with the library beforehand, instead, it should be taught from the basics in order to achieve its objective and ensure effective use of the library.