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Fall 6-25-2023

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This study focuses on assistive technologies and services for visually impaired students, aiming to improve their access to information and support their education and career development. The research highlights the importance of assistive technology in bridging the digital divide and empowering visually impaired individuals. The study uses a survey methodology, utilizing a self-administered questionnaire to collect data from resource centres for the visually challenged in Mumbai & the visually challenged users of the centres. The findings highlight the constant improvement in assistive technologies, driven by better technology and changing user needs. The researchers emphasize the need for simple, user-friendly interfaces and compatibility with various devices to ensure easy access to features and functionalities. Feedback from users revealed the need for improved accuracy and reliability of the technology. Customization options and affordability were identified as crucial factors, enabling users to personalize settings and make assistive technologies more accessible. The findings of this research can significantly benefit visually impaired students by providing comprehensive information on available assistive technologies, serving as a valuable resource for them, and inspiring further research and development in the field. The study emphasizes the need to recognize the significance of assistive technologies in enhancing the quality of life for visually impaired individuals, promoting inclusivity and accessibility in society.