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The main purpose of the study is to analyze the scientific productions published in scientific databases on Industrial Revolution (4IR) and libraries. The researchers investigated the scientific productions that were produced during the last decade (2010 to 2021) and indexed them in the Scopus database. The databases were inspected by VOSviewer and Biblioshiny software for those documents related to the 4IR and library. The keywords are used “Industrial Revolution*” AND “Librar*” in searching. The database’s total results are 178. The selection of years shrinks the outputs to 98 publications. Published articles in English, 4IR, and libraries met several important inclusion and exclusion benchmarks for this evaluation. The study found the largest scholarly publication resulting from the country ‘USA’ (n=10), ‘South Africa’ (n=8) and Indonesia (n=7) from the total results. The study revealed that Library Hi Tech News provided the majority of the publications (n=06) and Journal of Physics Conference Series and Library Philosophy and Practice ranked 2nd (n=03) and 3rd (n=03) respectively. The research found the most productive organizations were Universiti Teknologi Malaysia ranked 1st (n=10), University Library ranked 2nd (n=8) and Konkuk University ranked 3rd (n= 8). The study found Matofska, B. (n=8) as the most productive author and 2020 (n=28) as the most productive year in the field. The co-occurrence analysis confirmed that the study formed 2 clusters. This scientometric analysis illustrated the overall research flow and scenario along with research growth, productive authors, prolific sources and affiliations in the field that will show the path of the research scholars.