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Summer 7-4-2023


The study was to find out the effect of information technology in warehouse management: a case of Electricity Company of Ghana, cape coast. The objectives were; to find out the level of information technology utilization by ECG’s warehouse management, to determine role does information technology play on the performance of ECG’s warehouse management, to establish the challenges of information technology utilization by ECG in warehouse management and to find out the outcome of information technology utilization by ECG in warehouse management. The study was guided by technology acceptance model. Descriptive Survey research design was used in this study, the study collected information from the staffs of all departments in ECG of cape coast who were 60 respondents, For the purpose of getting a representative sample, the researcher used purposive sampling method to sample. Questionnaires were used as research tools for the study. The data was analyzed using regression models and presented in tables. Cape Coast ECG should put measures in place to ensure that IT does not affect the organizational performance in the long run. They should be put in place mechanisms to address the challenges that are obstructing IT in warehouse management. Consideration should be look at the environmental aspects to performance criteria when adopting IT procedures to increase warehouse management and resource efficiency. Cape Coast ECG should ensure that, warehouse management process should be specific with requisition. By so doing the goals of the warehouse management in the institution will be enhanced the quality of service delivery, transparent and accurate financial and accounting information.